Customer Testimonials

Customer: Cathy Roop

Several years ago when I was looking at selling Pembroke Paws I immediately thought of Vicki and prayed that she would take on the business. She didn’t hesitate to say yes. I asked her to come with me on several visits before she said yes, just so she could make a well thought out decision. She humored me and came along. All along knowing “I had her at hello”. Well the transition of ownership was seamless, existing clients loved her and from there she has made Pembroke Paws her own. Vicki has incredible, genuine networking abilities. She surrounds herself with people who love dogs as much as she does. Vicki’s client base continues to grow and in my opinion she is the best professional in-home dog sitter on the South Shore . I continue to call on Vicki for my own two dogs. They love her visits and I know they are in good hands with her.

Customer: Mark James Mark’s Portuguese Water Dog puppy, Morgan pictured below.Morgan
Vicki Lonergan has a very special pet sitting business located in Pembroke, MA. She truly loves the animals and they always come first with her and her hand picked pet sitters. I learned about Vicki and Pembroke Paws from our neighbors who have relied on her service for a few years.

Vicki began pet sitting for our Portuguese Water Dog puppy, Morgan when she was a year old. We trusted few people and were advised against doggie day care facilities. Morgan adores Vicki, Paula and Keely who each come to take Morgan for her mid-day walks. Whenever we have late nights or weekend needs, Pembroke Paws is always available. When we return the house feels warm like someone is home, music is playing and Morgan is calm.

Vicki hires only qualified people who love animals to work with her clients. They have to pass her safety rules and high standards for taking care of animals and their people. We’ve had conversations about the negative things happening to dogs and cats in boarding and doggie day care centers and she always says, “Not on my watch”. We like that, and so does Morgan.

Customer: Susan Curtis Pictured below are Susan’s two dogs’ names are Olivia and Savio and the four cats are Beanie, Amy, Stewie, and Billy.2 Dogs
Vicki Lonergan of Pembroke Paws and her two wonderful, sweet, kind daughters have been caring for my animals for close to four years now and I could not be more thrilled with the care my animals receive.Not only are their basic needs met and my home kept tidy but they take the time to sit, cuddle, pat and love my cats. Three of my cats are seventeen years old and the fourth is fourteen and they love the special attention they receive from Vicki, CiCi and Sophie.Two of my cats are deaf but that does not stop Vicki’s daughter, Sophie, from singing to them while the cats stare lovingly at her. My two dogs love them to pieces and my younger dog, Savio, has quite a crush on both CiCi and Sophie. Savio was initially nervous of young children but his favorite girlfriends have made him a convert. He now melts when he sees kids thanks to Vicki, CiCi and Sophie.

4 Cats

Vicki and her girls are an extraordinary team and we are blessed to have them as part of our family. I never worry about my animals for a second when I am away because I know Vicki will care for my animals as if they were her own. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that my animals are in her (their) care.

Customer: Jennifer Jackson
I first contacted Vicki about coming over to let my new puppy out around lunch time about 2 years ago. With Vicki and her team able to come and let the dogs out at lunch I could quit making the trip home from work at lunch every day. When I have to travel for work I don’t have to worry that the dogs are not cared for! They LOVE Vicki! She goes that extra mile for “her” dogs. When Steeler developed a bladder stone problem Vicki made sure that he drank water at lunch time and had his medicine. I definitely would not be able to leave the dogs at home when I need to if it weren’t for Vicki.

Customer: Andrea Norton
Vicki has been caring for my black Labrador, Sampson for five years now and we both love Vicki! When I’m gone overnight she comes over with her rwo daughters and they just hang out with him so he won’t be lonely. She always knows what to do if he doesn’t look well to her. How many good things can one say about one person?!!!

Customer: Andrea Gabriele
Vicki and her staff are the most loving, reliable, honest, professional people in the pet sitting business. Having Vicki in my life gives me such an incredible peace of mind while I leave for my long day at work, I know that she will be there not only to take such wonderful care of my prized possessions, Ozzy & Zak but to love them the way I love them! Vicki and her staff have become an extension of our family!

Customer: Jane Cournan Jane’s Black Lab, Stanley pictured below.Black LabVicki’s service is incredible. You can really tell how much she loves the dogs and they love her. She plays with them and gives them a good “belly rub” and takes excellent care. AND– it is a simple and easy way for us to make sure Stanley is taken care of– We’ve tried kennels before and the dog is really really upset–so sad to see them that way. So it’s wonderful for Stanley to be home and comfortable and happy. Vicki makes that possible.Thanks so much.

Customer: Lea Donovan Lea’s German Shepard, Monty pictured below.
German Shepard
I met Vicki two and a half years ago when she came in to meet me in my new grooming business, The Dogs Den. She has been walking my german shepard Monty ever since. When Vicki comes in to get Monty he is so excited he cannot contain himself. He is absolutely in love with her. I also have a chihuahua named Yoda. He spends almost every weekend with Vicki. Yoda is so comfortable with Vicki and her entire family that I never worry about him and trust her completely. She is a huge part of my dogs lives and also mine. I just cannot say enough good things about her.

Customer: Toni O’Connor
I had to write you when I heard you were doing an article on Vicki. She is my one and only dog whisperer. She has helped me with my new puppy , Lucky, since she arrived in December. She enlightened me to feed Lucky organic foods and her temperament is wonderful. She has helped me keep a schedule of feeding and potty training that without her I would not have been able to maintain! I have nothing but admiration to Vicki for the wonderful care and love she has shown Lucky. I am “lucky” to know her!!! Thank you!